Edenbridge and Oxted Show

The Edenbridge and Oxted Show takes place every year on the Sunday and Monday of the August Bank Holiday Weekend. This year the dates were the 27th & 28th of August.This is a lively show with plenty of exhibits, stalls and competitions with events in the main show ring and the four or five smaller rings. There are several large car parks with free parking. A section of the ground is reserved for Country Sports where there are stalls and displays of fishing equipment, archery, shooting, and many others.

The Surrey Branch man the Salmon & Trout Conservation UK Marquee in the Country Sports section for the two days. Besides a display of the conservation work in promoting clean water and a good environment for all water users, we offer trial lessons in Fly Casting and displays of Flytying and Taxidermy. Some details from previous shows can be seen below.

Here, at the Edenbridge and Oxted Show, the Surrey Branch of the Salmon and Trout Conservation UK organizes an exhibition of what we do and provides an opportunity for everyone from 10 years upwards to have a go at flyfishing.

Tuition is carried on throughout the day by a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors and, for a modest fee of £5, anyone aged 10 and over can have a go, Sadly we cannot accept anyone under 10 for Health and Safety reasons.

In addition our instructors may give some demonstrations. Listen for the Loudspeaker announcements.

Inside the Marquee there were demonstrations of Fly Tying, Taxidermy and Fish Sculpting together with Rod Making and RestorationIn addition there are examples examples of what the Association has achieved during this year to improve the waters for everyone..

Our fly tyer, David Taylor is anl experienced fisherman and will demonstrate his art on Sunday. He ties flies both to imitate the natural ones and also as colourful lures for use in certain conditions.

Trevor King is the Taxidermist and he will have several demonstrations of his skill on show. These range from tiny gudgeon to large salmon. He also sculpts fish in wood.

Barry Grantham is an expert split cane rod maker. He also repairs split cane rods and antique reels and tackle. His work always attract much attention.









Our Marquee is very popular and we get a steady stream of visitors many take up the offer of tuition while others are fascinated by the flytying or rod making. We also usually run a raffle for a rod and sometimes have second hand tackle for sale.