Our Evening Meeting in February

Our Evening Meeting in February

A small group of us gathered on a damp and cold evening to listen to our Chairman, Brandon Davies, who outlined his plans for the year.

Brandon started by reviewing the tlaks he had had with the CEO and others at S&TC UK HQ. He reviewed the work they are doing and outlined areas where the Branch might be able to help. HQs current campaigns are;

Fish Farming

Riverfly Census

Coastal Mixed Stock Netting



Blueprint for Water

While the Branch is aware of what is going on in all these topics (see www.salmon-trout.org for full details) we are limited by our location and numbers to supporting only a couple of items directly. We can continue to support the Blueprint for Water by lobbying locally and also support the Chalkstreams initiative where possible but our greatest contribution could be by supporting the River Fly Census.

Supporting the River Fly Census offers an opportunity to involve local schools in conservation projects which would interest the children in the insect life and fish of our waters and cover parts of the school curriculum. Once the children are interested then some may take up fishing!! There is an opportunity to provide an exhibition/practical experience at the Edenbridge Show.

However, all these activities require helpers and Brandon emphasised the need to find a Treasurer and a Secretary and other new and younger members for our committee. The Treasurer's role is quite simple and not very onerous as the accounts are kept in a cash book and the work involved is minimal amounting to about 1 hour each month. The Secretary's role is limited to keeping the minutes of meetings and helping the Chairman, again not a particularly onerous job. If you think you can help please contact Brandon directly.

Brandon would also like someone with educational experience to join the committee to enable the Branch to start work with local schools.

After a short break for the raffle and refreshments, John Dumbrell gave an account of his recent trip to Lake Strobel in Argentina fishing for giant rainbows.